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Retirement Planning, Pre-Retirement and Post Retirement

At Holcombe Financial Services, our Bury IFA'S based in Ramsbottom, Bury offer expert retirement planning advice at all stages of the retirement journey.

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Holcombe Financial Services independent financial advisers (IFA’s) based in Ramsbottom, Bury, are fully qualified IFA’s and provide independent advice on all types of company and personal pension schemes.  No matter what size or type of scheme you have, we can help. If you happen to be under 55 with a number of pensions, or over 65 with one or a number of pension schemes, we can help you understand your options better.


 We are often involved in decision making for our clients, helping them retire at the age they would like to.  We are often asked “can I retire at a certain age?”.  Sometimes we are able to say “yes” and provide projections showing that the provision is enough to meet the requirements.  If not, we are able to show the saving level, growth and time horizon required until you can retire.   It is now much more common to reduce hours at work and phase retirement as people look to reduce work pressure as they approach retirement.  We particularly enjoy helping our clients get the work/life balance right and this can sometimes mean relying on pension provision to top up income when reducing pressure at work.  


At different life stages, everyone faces different financial challenges. The period up to the age of retirement is known as the accumulation phase. Once taking benefits from your provision however, this period is known as the decumulation phase.  A combination of low interest rates, high inflation and increased longevity means that many of the UK’s retired population face financial challenges. For individuals approaching retirement, the many available pension options at retirement can be daunting and making the wrong decision can be costly.

At Holcombe Financial Services we can help you to understand your provision, ensure you make the right decisions and ensure your provision works hard for you within the correct environment as regards risk.  Longevity of your pensions and investments is always a concern.  We can help you to see exactly what your position is at any particular time and at what age your provision is forecast to last until.  Our work can help you to make informed decisions about income levels and capital expenditure.

We can review your situation, help clear up the confusion and work with you to make an informed choice as to your options at retirement. Some of the considerations to take into account include:

  • Full or Phased Retirement

  • Tax Free Cash

  • Money Purchase Schemes

  • Final Salary Schemes

  • Annuities

We will consider all the options and want you to enjoy your retirement with your desired level of flexibility and income. Our IFA's in Ramsbottom, Bury specialise in more sophisticated retirement planning for those with larger pension funds.

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