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Holcombe Financial Services is a professional and accessible company providing all round financial advice, for individuals, families and businesses.

Many of our clients are professionals, entrepreneurs or private investors. Others contact us requiring general financial advice and there are those who may have had a bad experience with advice in the past. There are also those who have had their affairs left without meaningful reviews in recent times.

Often, we are the company of choice when someone experiences a significant life event.

Example 1:  If you leave your employer, whether due to redundancy or for another opportunity, your affairs will often need to be reviewed. There could be a loss of employer benefits. Company Pension provision may have been built up that now requires advice. If you have a Final Salary Company Pension or Defined Contribution Company Pension, our Independent Financial Advisers in Bury can help you to make the right decision for your circumstances.     

Example 2: In times where there is illness within a family, or where someone requires help upon the death of a family member, Holcombe Financial Services can provide the empathy, understanding, reassurance and professional advice that the situation requires. 

Generally, our clients want to make sure they have the right information, minimise their tax liabilities and maintain a good standard of living.

What Makes us Different...

  • We take the time to listen to our clients and provide outcome based advice

  • Our technical skills combined with our interpersonal skills help to provide accurate solutions at all levels in a comfortable environment.

  • One of our greatest strengths is our ability to deal with real people and businesses; we don’t have an ideal client – we are able to shape our services around you.

  • We have an ongoing commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which demonstrates our wide range of skills and experience and our determination to make every client pleased that they found us.

  • We have many years of industry experience within and outside of the high street banks that gives us the wealth of knowledge required to deal with all types of financial situations. 

  • Introduction to our Investment Process and Philosophy.  This outlines our beliefs about investment and explains our approach to advising you on managing your money, both initially and on an ongoing basis.  It also helps you understand how you can become involved with investment decisions.


The first meeting with Holcombe Financial Services is provided at our cost. Our Wealth Management costs are transparent. They are based upon the type of advice you require and the amount of assets you invest. All clients are treated fairly and subject to one charging structure which can be paid directly or facilitated by your investment. Mortgage and Insurance business is provided on a commission or fee basis, or a combination of the two.      

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​Holcombe Financial Services

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Company Number: 8008671

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