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Our ​Services

We offer a range of services for personal clients, businesses, individuals and families.  From Mortgage and Investment Advice to Retirement and Inheritance Tax Planning, the lists below provide a sample of how we can help. Our Bury Financial Advisers, based in Ramsbottom, have clients throughout the North-West. For a friendly chat or to find out more about what we can do, call us on 01204 238 500, use the form at the bottom of the screen or email us at

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Personal Financial Planning

  • ​Mortgage Advice

  • Equity Release

  • Investment Planning

  • Ethical Investments

  • Annuity Advice

  • Wealth Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Final Salary Pension Advice

  • Pensions Advice

  • Trustee Investments

  • Estate Planning

  • Inheritance Tax Advice and Planning

  • Life Assurance

  • Critical Illness Protection

  • Illness or Accident Protection 

  • Unemployment Cover

  • Divorce Advice

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Business Financial Planning

Financial Belletins
Financial Bulletins


At key times during the year, we have a number of financial bulletin's that we release to help navigate through the complexities of recent announcements.

​Latest​ Bulletins:
   Call Us: 01204 238 500
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