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As Independent Financial Advisers based in Ramsbottom, Bury, we feel that feedback from our clients can often explain our service in the best way....   

It is nice to have feedback, and even nicer to be able to share it. Here are some of the comments we have had and we hope they give you a good idea of why we have established the reputation we have.

Mrs Buckley, Rochdale

I was considering what to do with my pension pot having left bank employment. I didn’t know what my options were. Jeremy explained the options I had. He explained the ins and outs and asked lots of questions to ascertain my future plans/needs, my circumstances and attitude to risk. He then explained clearly what he recommended and importantly why he was making that recommendation. I was very satisfied with the technical and product knowledge even though I have some knowledge due to my time in financial services.  Jeremy explained everything very clearly. I was given as long as I needed to make my decisions and Jeremy went through things as many times as I needed until I was sure I understood. He was brilliant.


Adviser:  Jeremy Bostock  Advice Received: Final Salary Pension Advice

Jane, Oldham

The advice I received was to enable me to proceed with financial funds when reducing my working hours. I was very satisfied; I appreciated the way the information was explained to me.  I felt all through the meetings with Jeremy that he understood what I wanted to achieve and he explained things to me in a way that I understood. Jeremy was very helpful if I was unsure about anything and listened if I did ask for more detailed information. When dealing with Jeremy I did not at all feel under pressure and unaware of anything that could have gone better. I would defiantly recommend Jeremy to others and again appreciate all that he did.


Adviser:  Jeremy Bostock Advice Received: Retirement Planning

Mr M Molloy, Wigan

Before any of the meetings with Emma I didn’t have much knowledge of pensions. Emma went through everything very thoroughly explaining different products and which she thought would suit me. Every step was explained so I could understand. After a couple of meetings I had a lot more understanding of pensions and how they work. When I first met Emma I wanted to see if I could consolidate five pensions into one. This for me was the best way to get 25% of my tax free lump sum. I wanted to pay off some debt and be left with some money too. Emma took on the task of working out everything she could do for me and after months of her hard work she has achieved for me what I wanted. I have gone from a person stressing over money matters to a person who doesn’t need to stress. I have a decent understanding of pensions and all of that is down to Emma’s hard work. I was never under any pressure to make any decisions. Everything was explained clearly at meetings and paperwork was given to take home to read. I am looking forward to Emma looking after my pension in the coming years and working with her to achieve the best for me. If I ever know anybody that needs a good financial adviser I would certainly recommend Emma.

Adviser: Emma Connaughton  Advice Received: Retirement Planning - Accessing Benefits 

Mrs Rothery, Darwen

Lisa was extremely professional, friendly and helpful. Any questions I had, Lisa dealt with them quickly. She kept me informed at all times. For example there was a slight hiccup with the Zurich policy not being set up so Lisa immediately got on to the phone to them and the situation was resolved within 30 minutes.  We were very happy with the service provided by Lisa. I felt under no pressure at all. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to my family and friends if the situation arises. 

Adviser:  Lisa Hartley / Jeremy Bostock   Advice received: Mortgage, Critical Illness and Income Protection cover

Mr D Heywood, Bury

With the help of Jeremy and his team, they set about getting me the best mortgage deal and always kept me up to date with everything. The advice and how I was dealt with was first class. All details were explained in detail and matched all my requirements. I was not under any pressure and I was made to feel welcome from the first contact that was made. The team were very friendly and have great knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, never mind friends or family.

Adviser:  Jeremy Bostock   Advice received: Mortgage and Protection Advice

John, Helmshore

I received advice on drawing a pension. All options and alternative products were described in detail until we found one that fit my requirements. I didn’t feel under pressure. All options were explained and I had the usual period to cancel. I would recommend Jeremy's service to others as he got me the best deal from my pensions.

Adviser:  Jeremy Bostock   Advice received: Retirement Planning 

Mr Scott, Bolton

The advice I received from Holcombe Financial Services was thorough, personal and very good. I was very satisfied with the technical and product knowledge during our meetings. I did not feel under pressure to make any decisions at any point during the process. I would recommend Emma as she offered very good advice and found us the best deal.


Adviser:  Emma Connaughton   Advice received:  Protection Advice





Ms Ferrigno, Stockport

I wanted to change my Mortgage and look at mortgage protection. I also received advice on insurance and protection for my children in the event of my death or illness. Emma was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Emma! She was always there to talk to no matter how small the query and very efficient. Because of her help, I was able to reduce my mortgage and do home improvements while paying less for my mortgage than before.


Adviser:  Emma Connaughton   Advice received:  Mortgage and Protection Advice

Mr Marsh, Rochdale

I received pension advice for my retirement and investment of funds to give maximum benefits for me and my wife in the future.  Jeremy showed excellent knowledge of the product offered and the benefits for future growth. I did not feel under any pressure to take up the products offered. I made up my mind after studying information given by Jeremy. He was very helpful and I felt confident in the advice being given.


Adviser: Jeremy Bostock   Advice: Retirement Planning (Options at Retirement)


Mr and Mrs D Rainford, Harwood

Investment advice for the long term. We had money from our retirement lump sums to re-invest that had been invested in several providers which we wanted to consolidate in one place. We were looking at low to medium risk and Emma suggested splitting our investments into two pots which we were quite happy to commit to. We have been able to monitor our investments online and we have been kept informed of any changes. Various options were discussed and queries and questions answered to our satisfaction. At no point did we feel under pressure to make hasty decisions or commitments during the whole process. We would be more than happy to recommend Emma to friends/family if they needed financial advice.


Adviser:  Emma Connaughton   Advice received:  Investment Advice


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